Density Training: Get more for less

Cardio vs Weight Training

The constant war between cardio vs weight lifting has raged on since the stone-ages. Which one is better for? There are many people that will condemn either side. Some say weight lifting leads to back and joint problems, where others will say cardio does the same thing. The truth is, to be an optimized human, both cardio and strength training need to be staples in your workout regimen. Cardio leads to better cardiovascular health and more energy throughout the day. Weight lifting (with proper form) prevents injury and boosts metabolism. The real issue is how is someone with a full-time job, family, social life, and hobbies supposed to find the time needed to see improvements on both sides of the fitness spectrum…..

Here comes Density Training to the rescue

Type the words “density training” into google and you will find many definitions in the fitness world that go along with it. Even though there are many different styles the main point is to pack as much fitness into a period of time as possible. For me, density training means incorporating active rest or performing non-complimenting exercises between others. This is as simple as doing squats in between push-ups or hitting your lower abs in between sets of pull-ups. The gist of it all is erasing any downtime you have in the gym and keeping your heart rate up throughout the entire workout. This leads to accomplishing multiple goals as well as shorting the time needed in the gym. Density training allows a person to get both an anaerobic and aerobic workout at the same time.

I came across Density Training back when I use to be a kickboxer. I needed a way to workout that allowed me to gain strength without sacrificing my cardiovascular endurance. Using active rest with non-complimenting exercises, allowed me to keep my strength into the later rounds of a fight. Now after hanging up the gloves, I have held on to the principles of density training specifically because it gives an individual the most out of a workout in the shortest time. It is especially influential when I have a busy week and a few 30-minute workouts are all I have time for. Below are some examples of different “mini” circuits I incorporate into my routines. Try a few yourself or make up your own. The point is to keep the heart rate up throughout the entire workout. No need to go any longer than 45 minutes when density training as well. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions.

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Example workouts

#-Mini Circuit or series of exercises

A,B,C, etc – Workouts to be completed during that series or mini circuit

3-4 Sets of Each in series with as little rest as possible (Do the reps you feel comfortable with)


1A – Push-ups

1B – Jump Squats

1C – sit-ups


2A – Pull-Ups/Assisted Pull Ups

2B – lunges

2C – Russian Twists


3A- Bench Press

3B – Goblet Squats

3C – Straight leg raises


4A – Military Press

4B – Cable Rows

4C – Step-ups


5A – Dumbell Curls

5B – Tricep Extensions

5C – Planks

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