From Optimization to Wellness

If you haven’t already realized, I have changed the name of my blog. You may have also noticed that this is my first post in a significantly long time. I could sit here and make a lot of decent excuses about why I haven’t been putting out content, but that isn’t my style. Instead, here is an overview of the recent change and what is to come…

The whole reason I began optimization daily was to have a media in which I could educate my close friends and family about getting the most out of life. Human optimization goes much deeper than that, and I am not an expert in that field. What I do consider myself to be very knowledgeable in is staying healthy in a modern (and quite a chaotic world). Currently, I am traveling nonstop, eating out consistently in the process, and being required to go to various social gatherings that involve alcohol. All three of these things create a perfect storm to not only hinder optimization but significantly stifle one’s health. Despite these challenges, I am researching and implementing techniques that keep me physically and emotionally healthy. So from here on out, the focus of this blog will be navigating wellness in a world that is doing everything to keep us unhealthy, unhappy, and unproductive. Hopefully, this new focus will appeal to a broader audience than before. I feel that we all can use a little bit of guidance in a modern age that is doing everything to keep us in the doctor’s office. Hopefully, my journey is something that helps you. All in all, that’s the whole point of this.

With Big Love,


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